It has been all over the news: the murder of George Floyd by a police officers. I must admit: this feels like something far from my whereabouts. I am a white guy and I don’t live in the USA. Still, I would like to use this opportunity to remind authorities should respect citizens, regardless of skin color. There is no need for violence. In addition I would like to give my respect to refugees which are stuck in camps.
Hello there, surfer. I have been practicing Sevillanas, a kind of Flamenco carnival music in 3/4. The composer is Moraito Chico. In case you want to learn this yourself, the maestro himself has a video lesson on La Sonanta . We have tried this together with my guitar teacher Jan. For the locals in Gent, here is the academy: Tirando gitaarschool. Due to them Corona virus, the lessons are done online.
The ol’ banjo was gathering some dust. Them pandemic is a good time to be creative. In the first week of March I have been to the Irish session in Muzikantenhuis, Gent. It has been a long time. Somehow my path diverged towards other music. Itzikiel Your browser does not support the video tag. Tune by the uilleann piper: Deirdre. Your browser does not support the video tag. “And somehow a banjo always pops up”.
A trip in October 2018 to Scotland. Breathtaking nature during a hike to the Cobbler, a peak in Arrochar. Arrochar is easily reachable by train and foot starting in Glasgow. Your browser does not support the video tag.
Een mini-road trip doorheen Nederland: Flevoland - Texel - Lauwersoog - Schiermonnikoog. De roodharige man in deze video is mijn broer. De muziek is het nummer Zephyr van Dans Dans, door mezelf ingespeeld. Dit nummer staat al jaren op mijn TODO lijst. Wel uiteindelijk heb ik het geleerd. Dit is slechts een nederige buiging naar Bert Dockx toe, die één van mijn favoriete gitaristen is. Vaak staat dit nummer te draaien als er met de wagen naar een ver oord wordt gereden.
The shun is still sining. End of August 2017 Can you believe it, dear viewer? The summer is almost finished. Then comes the yearly cycle of life again… Something peaceful this time. I was quite content with the sound of the stratocaster and the Blues Junior amplifier, that warm day in Augustus. Basic… No further pedals used, except a looper pedal. Listen to the tempo slightly speeding up, and then slowing down again, every cycle.
walking walking walking in the Zillertal Alps… July 2017 Timelapses: Lode Audio recordings & post-processing: Wout walking peoples: a band of gypsys Your browser does not support the video tag.