« Wout disappears behind the horizon » F. C. The pandemic is still roaring, borders are closed. However, I have managed to travel to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to see my beloved. The last months have been stressful: uncertainity. Understandably, Canada has shut down its borders, like many other countries. Many people were left cut off from their loved ones. Rejoiced I was, when I received the approval email from the Canadian Government.
Het was daar zo goed dat we in september nog eens weer geweest zijn. Geen tekstje over communistische samenleving deze keer, gewoon wat analoge foto’s.
« Wout zijnde » Ik hoor het wieltje van de bricket klikken. Een telefoontje met Fred. Al vlug verandert het gesprek in een hevige filosofische discussie. Een wekelijks uurtje met Fred en Wout. De Corona heeft de virtuele band met deze boezemvrienden gesterkt. Af en toe moet ik mijn brein eens krabben: het is moeilijke materie. Het bankje achter het huis van Fred, daar staat hij wellicht. Bij deze stelt de schilder / tekenaar enkele van zijn werken doorheen de tijd ten toon op deze blog.
This time, something quite different, a guest: Heartikal Mike from Heartikal Rockers sound system, based inna Lede. I have known Mike since we were kids, playing video games and hanging out in elementary school. Perhaps like myself: enjoying solitary activities. Our paths have strayed quite differently. For the last 10 years he is occupying himself with Reggae music and sound system culture in general. Orginally created in Jamaica and then it flew over to England.
Hi, I present you my favourite jazz tune, as played by the RW’s. Just some chords, bass and the ‘trane solo. Enjoy! Wout Credits: performance: Wout Van Hauwermeiren transcription solo: Victor Aubert original tune on Miles Davis - Kind of Blue album, 1959 inspiration: Brian Poston

Haulmé, France

I have spent one night on a campsite with three fine gentlemen from the region of Aalst (ah). Non-Aalstenaars do not understand them weird sacred traditions: dressing up as women (however ‘voil’) on a cold and rainy winter day. On campsites you get to observe campsite people. Unwillingly you become one of them for a certain limited period. Many bonjours are exchanged. “lotj mij me rust!” There, we have shared handshakes, food, drinks and camping seats.


Fond memories of a time in March. Slight panick has arisen in the supermarkets. It was Friday 13th of March. In the morning my supplies were running low. It was 8:30am, the Aldi was opening up. There was already a line of people who had to buy stuff. Panick is infectious: once you see other people hoarding, you ask yourself « Should I prepare myself? ». In a rush of nervousness I have bought a bag of potatoes and a bag of onions.
Warning: long post ahead! Something that keeps me busy lately: the monopolies of the giant tech industries. This is also partly why I wanted to move my stuff to my own website. This time I put on my hat of computer scientist. For governments, dictatorships are despised (atleast around here), but when we talk about big corporations, they get a free pass. Think about it what kind of power we are giving these companies, to control what’s being put out on the interwebs.
Foto’s // pictures: copyright Els Moerenhout contact email: elsmoerenhout@hotmail.com Instagram: elsmoe Els Moerenhout: schilderijen en collages met een vintage look. Een bezoek aan de artieste. Bowie, de koning des huizes, groet mij luidkeels. “Bowie! Zeg!". Hij is een beetje boos op mij, maar na een minuut kalmeert Bowie. Ik krijg een rondleiding in de tuin. De kersen hangen nog te rijpen aan de boom. De kippen zitten te broeden. Er is een kuikentje geboren, maar die zit verstopt onder de moeder-kip.
It has been all over the news: the murder of George Floyd by a police officers. I must admit: this feels like something far from my whereabouts. I am a white guy and I don’t live in the USA. Still, I would like to use this opportunity to remind authorities should respect citizens, regardless of skin color. There is no need for violence. In addition I would like to give my respect to refugees which are stuck in camps.